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Ubaldo was not only an artisan of great skill. He had also a passion for antique trade and therefore he started collecting objects in bronze. This collection is may be unique in the world.
The firm Baldini, manages a “treasure” of a thousand models and knobs, door handles, bosses, selvages, heads of keys, friezes and fittings in all styles from Neoclassicism to Directory, from Empire to Liberty. In addition to these objects the Firm Baldini also produces bath accessoires, oil lamps, table and standing lamps, curtain accessoires and so on. It can also produce, using the same craftmanship, objects according to architects and designers’ drawings.

The production of each items is carried out, as in the past, through the casting in flanks with the
cast from the originally collected objects. The pieces come out raw of the foundry and in the “workshop” they are shaped, turned, perforated, ceselled, polished, and if necessary, coated or goldplated. At the end of the manufacturing process, precious and high-quality handmade items can be admired for their precision and for their excellent homemade finishings.

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